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Planning YOUR Finances is NOT a One Size Fits All Proposition

We Can Help You Get Practical, Not Just Hopeful.

At First Financial Tax Group, we are often amazed and alarmed that so many people that are near or already in retirement are taking so much risk in their portfolios. They very often tell us that they didn’t know there were safer alternatives. When we show these same folks that there are SIMPLER AND SAFER ALTERNATIVES that aren’t dependent on the HOPE that stock and bond markets will go up forever, they are often stunned. Does your present advisor keep things simpler and safer for you? Would you like that approach to generating a dependable monthly income? Why make things complicated if things can be simpler and safer? Who benefits if you stay put with current allocations that are more complicated and risky than they need to be, you or your advisor?

Talk to us today and find out what a difference a Practical Approach to Retirement Income is all about. See what a difference it can make for you!


We specialize in helping conservative, pre and post retirees with their retirement income planning. We often utilize safer alternative asset classes when planning and implementing income strategies with clients. We first establish safety, and only then do we create sustainable monthly income streams that work in any economy. This enables our clients to have peace of mind throughout their retirement years.
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